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Celebrating Saxonville and Its History Since 1998

The Friends of Saxonville is a community organization that works to improve and preserve the Saxonville area of Framingham, MA.


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Friends of Saxonville: Celebrating and Serving Our Community Since 1998

            Friends of Saxonville is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the heritage and enhancing the vibrancy of the Saxonville neighborhood in Framingham, Massachusetts. Formed in 1998 by a group of devoted residents, our mission is to foster community spirit, promote Saxonville’s unique history and culture, and advocate for improvements that benefit all who live and work here.

            Over the past 20+ years, Friends of Saxonville has brought neighbors together through various beautification projects, fundraising events, and educational initiatives. Some of our efforts include:

  • Organizing the annual Saxonville Day Celebration, which brings hundreds from across Framingham for music, food, kids activities, and more.
  • Decorating the village for holidays and seasons with flags, wreaths, flowers, and lighting.
  • Advocating for historic preservation and restoration of beloved Saxonville landmarks.
  • Sponsoring community cleanups and planting trees, gardens, and flower barrels around the village.
  • Creating murals and public art installations that reflect Saxonville’s rich past and future.
  • Partnering with schools, businesses, nonprofits, and the city on programs that support the neighborhood.

Everything we do is made possible through the hard work of our volunteers and generous support from Saxonville residents, merchants, and other local partners. We invite everyone who cares about Saxonville to join us in appreciating this special place and investing in its continued success. By coming together, we can ensure our village remains a vibrant, beautiful, and welcoming community for generations to come. Contact us to learn more about volunteering or supporting The Friends of Saxonville!     



Brandon Ward

Brandon Ward


Brandon Ward is a dedicated advocate for Saxonville’s historic preservation. A lifelong resident of Framingham, Brandon brings a deep understanding of the community’s character and a strong commitment to its future. 

Mission statement

To steward the architectural heritage and cultural vibrancy of the Saxonville Historic District in Framingham, Massachusetts, through collaborative preservation efforts and community engagement.

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To ensure this unique character endures, community involvement is essential. Residents can play a vital role in shaping preservation efforts and advocating for the district’s well-being. If you’re interested in contributing to Saxonville’s future, please contact us. We welcome your participation in keeping this historic gem a vibrant part of Framingham.

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